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St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!!

It looks like we may have some nice weather this weekend, which is fantastic news. So, hopefully that crazy wind we've been having will die down a little so we can enjoy the outdoors. Those of you that have plans for going out and celebrating, enjoy yourselves, but make sure you arrange some transportation. We all want you to stay safe!

In the spirit of the holiday, I thought it would be cool to post some local events that will be going on this weekend!

  1. ST. Patrick's Day O'dopt-O'thon - Hosted by the City of Lawton, Animal Welfare. This will be happening tomorrow, 3/16/19, 10 am, at their building, 2104 SW 6th St., Lawton, OK. They said all you have to do is show up in something green, and say in your best Irish accent, "It's my lucky day to be adopted" and you can adopt any animal for $20. 
  2. St. Patrick's Day Bash - Hosted by the Backporch Drafthouse. 3/16-17/19, 11am - 10pm, at 5370 NW Cache Rd. Their 5th annual block party, they will have festive drinks, food, outdoor games and live music.
  3. 1st Annual St. Patrick's Feeling Lucky BashHosted by Mike's Sports Grill. 3/16/19, 3pm-11:59pm. At 517 E Gore Blvd., Lawton, Ok. Casey Abbe Band, DJ Hybrid, dunk a firefighter for a good cause, drink specials, and a great time!
  4. Parkstomp Bluegrass Festival - At Medicine park, Ok. 3/16-17/19 12p.m. - 10p.m. Pets and kids are welcome. 
  5. DIY Slime with Essential Oils - Hosted by Anderson Pharmacy & Accents. 3/16/19, 11am-2pm, at 5366 NW Cache Rd., Lawton, OK. Wear green, and bring your camera and the kids for the St. Patty's Photo booth. $6 for kids to make 4oz container of slime. 
  6. St. Patty's Getaway - Hosted by Comanche Nation Casino. 3/17/19, 3pm - 7pm, at 402 SE Interstate Dr., Lawton, OK. Get that lucky feeling and pack your bags! Earn entries for your chance to win up to $500 in Comanche Credit or a trip for two (2) to Ireland. Erin Go Bragh! See Comanche Rewards Club for details.
  7. St. Patrick's Day - Hosted by the Medicine Park Aquarium & Natural Sciences Center. 3/16/19, 10am - 3pm, at 1 Aquarium Dr., Medicine Park, OK. Activities for kids!!

I am sure there will be more, but this is all I found for now. It sounds like many of us will have a fun, busy weekend. As always, I will end this post with just a reminder: Even though it is the weekend, and even though we have a holiday on Sunday, if you are ready to see homes, give me a call, send me a text or shoot me an email! Whichever works for you. I am never too busy to help you find your new home. 

Chris Weaver

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!!

Let's Get Ready For Spring!

Spring is on the way!

And I know that a lot of us (including myself) like to start on our spring cleaning early. So here are some cleaning tips that will help get you started and some of them also focus on energy saving! (Meaning money saving!!!!)

1. Use sunlight to light the rooms in your home! During the day you don't always need to use electricity to light your home. Open up the blinds and curtains and let that natural light in. 

2. Seal Air Leaks around your home (Mainly your windows). By using a low-cost caulk or weather stripping you can cut down your energy bill by keeping the exterior air out and interior air in. 

3. Give your AC unit a tune up! Before you have to start constantly using the AC it's best to get a head start and give your unit a fighting chance against the heat. Hiring a professional to inspect and make sure that it'll be running proficiently is the first step. (And you won't have to spend a fortune to do that. Shop around. Find yourself a good rate. Many HVac companies run specials for this in the spring so keep your eye out). Also checking and replacing filters regularly helps as well. 

4. Turn Down your water heater. When it starts warming up, turn the water heater to the warm setting (120° F) and save money on your bill. 

5. Change the direction of your ceiling fan. You'll want it to rotate counterclockwise during the warm weather so it creates a cool breeze. You'll know it's working if you feel airflow when you stand directly under the fan. 

6. Lastly, Clean out your refrigerator! Removing unneeded food and containers allows air to circulate. Also, clear the dust from behind the fridge and around it's coils to reduce energy consumption.

Well have fun getting started on your spring cleaning. I hope that you find these tips useful and accurate! And remember to call me, Chris Weaver for any and all of your real estate needs!!!! At 580-695-8391!!!

Here comes February!!

We blinked and it is already February! I can't believe how fast January went by, but that's ok. Even though 2019 is off to a running start I am looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!!

Since we are entering into the buying season, I just wanted to list a little information to help those of us looking to get pre-qualified. For many it's a scary thought taking that first step, but it doesn't have to be. Especially if we show up prepared. So here are a few items that you may need to bring for a loan application: (And you may not need some of these or you may need other things not listed here, it is best to call and ask)

  1. W-2 (2 years) & 1 month of current paystubs
  2. Landlord Name/Address - 2 years
  3. Employer Name/Address - 2 years
  4. Purchase agreement or Deed if refinancing
  5. Bank Names, Account #'s and Balances
  6. Bank Statements - Most recent 3 months, all accounts
  7. 12 Months cancelled checks for Mortgage or Rent
  8. Check for Application fee & rate lock
  9. Self Employed - Last 2 years Tax returns with all schedules, YTD, P & L
  10. Green Card for Resident Aliens
  11. Social Security Card & License (FHA)
  12. Legal Description (FHA/VA)
  13. Certificate of Eligibility (VA)
  14. Account #'s, Addresses, Balances/Monthly Payments on all open Loans

It doesn't hurt to at least find out. So take that extra step, get pre-qualified and invest in yourself!

And if you are not sure where to start, give me a call @ 580-695-8391, let's talk about it. 

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Today is definitely a cold day!!

Hopefully everyone is staying warm and used some of my Cold Weather tips or at least took them into consideration. My thoughts are, if you can take a few extra steps that could save you thousands (of dollars and "steps" haha) why wouldn't you?

Looking forward, after the next week or two, surely we won't have to keep using these cold weather tips and we can start grooming our homes for Spring Weather. But I think that might be wishful thinking! 

I also just want to remind everyone that even though it is freezing outside, this won't deter me from showing houses! So if there is something you'd like to look at, challenge me to the occasion. Let's make a day out of it; Bring a list of homes, your prequal letter, and let's find you a new home!

For all of your real estate needs give me, Chris Weaver, at 580-695-8391!

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Impending Cold Weather!!

Hey Everyone!!!!

Since we have some freezing weather predictions for this upcoming weekend, I thought I'd leave some cold weather tips for your houses here. 

One good thing to start with, is try to protect your home from frozen pipes and here are some steps you can take to do that:

- Disconnect and drain your garden hoses
When you use your hose and turn the spigot off, there is still water in the wrapped-up hose, including some water still in the line going to the spigot. During the colder temperatures, this water can freeze, causing the water in the pipes to crack. In cases where you have a "frost-free" spigot, you may not know there is a problem until you turn the hose back on. The crack on the frost-free spigots usually occurs behind where the washer is, which is on the inside of the house. Then, once you turn on the spigot, the water proceeds to where the crack is (on the inside of your home), pouring water into the house. On a spigot that is not frost-free, you may notice the crack in the lines right away. By removing the hoses, there is no water that is able to enter into the pipes. 

- Cover your outside faucets with insulating foam covers; Insulating water supply pipes in exposed areas of your home is a good idea for several reasons. In cold-winter climates, water supply pipes that are exposed to exterior walls or unheated spaces may freeze, burst, and flood your home, a situation that can cause many thousands of dollars in damage.

- Turn off sprinkler systems and blow compressed air through the lines to drain them; Your sprinkler lines are the same as exposed piping to your home. For obvious reasons you typically can't insulate these lines. This is the next best option. 

- Close or cover foundation vents under your house; This helps prevent cold air from getting under the house.

- Open Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets; This allows warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. But be sure to remove any cleaners or household chemicals up out of the reach of children. 

- Allow the faucet to drip; Allowing the faucet to be open like this relieves pressure in the system. If a pipe freezes, it is actually the pressure that is created between the blockage and the faucet that will cause the pipe to burst. Allowing the faucet to be open will prevent this pressure from building up and thus keep the pipe from bursting. If the faucet is served by both hot and cold water pipes, open both faucet taps slightly, or set a single-handle faucet (such as a kitchen faucet) to warm.

These are just a few things that you can do to help protect you and your home during these winter months. Whether you own or are renting these are things that anyone can do. 

Stay Warm Everyone!!

Call me, Chris Weaver, for any of your buying or selling needs at 580-695-8391

Fantastic New Listing!


6103 NE Wysteria St., Lawton, OK

Just a heads up to everyone, I have a great new listing for those of you in the 300,000 and below price range. 

This is a VA repo, located just along the edge of the Lawton City limits. This house is huge and essentially ready for move in. You're looking at tons of equity just waiting for you.

Call me to make an appointment!!!!   580-695-8391 or 580-280-9779 to talk to my assistant.

Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

As we are coming to the end of 2018, and everyone is prepping for the New Year (mainly the New Year's Eve party!) I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has worked with me and my office this year, and the past years. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today. With that being said, those of you that haven't worked with me yet, let's change that and make the most of 2019. New Year, New View. 

I also wanted to post a link to a newsletter I have been sending out. It's just a little information about Buying vs. Renting, and some upcoming information about price changes on one of my listings. 

So, have a great New Year's party! Spend time with loved ones, relax, write down your resolutions and let's make 2019 happen!!
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